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Vatavaran – A Rhizome

Vatavaran has been a well-established Non Government , Non Profit Organization  for 25 years. 5 firsts of Vatavaran are :

Organization by the volunteers-

Vatavaran’s  volunteers have worked for our environment  earnestly & passionately . Volunteers have been are like a stream, never permanent but have kept coming for all these years.

Vatavaran Primate Procession –

A path we followed by means of a series of cross media interventions and events and   designed  a monkey sanctuary.

Canine companions-

Innovated stray dog management system which is replicable , practical , low cost and involves community.

Zero Garbage zones-

Created  decentralized  municipal solid waste management  model for urban residential colonies of various economic starta , educational institutes , rural and urban villages .

Source Treatment System-

Innovated  hospital waste management  system in which any chance of pilfiring hospital waste – the biggest problem gets eliminated . Its also economical and more environmentally friendly than any other system.

Our campaigns led to  DelhiRidge –its only natural forest declared a reserve forest, use of plastic carry  bags banned,   blood banks upgraded, slaughter house shifted out,  greening of non-green golf courses, zoos improved,  ‘in vitro’experiments replaced ‘in vivo’ ,  popularized hand-made recycled paper and its products and through our barter system exchanged  non-compostable waste  for saplings of indigenous trees thus encouraging greening and starting colony forests.

We have now decided to expand the influence through forming links with other organisations.  Together we are now a rhizome growing horizontally with lateral shoots . They are our shoots and we theirs. We understand each other’s  vision and mission and agree to it . We are reaching out to the sections of society which we could not with so much efficiency earlier.

The five organizations (representing the five elements  of nature – Earth , Water , Air , Sun, Space )have been selected after a year of  intense mental and physical activity .  With all five Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed . The certificates given to the participants of the institutions  for their  respective programs will have Vatavaran and that organization’s name and logo.


Known for its work with multiple handicapped individuals ( /) is based in Vadodara. Its vision is to have a world free of Child Sexual Abuse and its mission is to empower individuals, families, communities and society with prevention and intervention skills to reduce the occurrence of child sexual abuse and heal its psychological, social, sexual and physical consequences. Joint program is to create awareness on clean and green environment through their programs making a wider and deeper impact on society.


Association for Social Health in India ( is known for its work on social issues. The joint program is to convert one of their bases Anna Nagar, a J.J. Colony in the capital to a clean and green settlement. All construction and other waste will be cleared and every bit of wasteland will be greened by indigenous trees. Additional benefit would be a replicable model for converting public squalors to clean green settlements.


Blue Bells International

A school in the capital ( whose outlook epitomizes Rabindranath Tagore’s vision of humanity as one family and its philosophy is ‘One Planet the Earth, One family Mankind’. Its endeavor is to groom children to be true catalyst of sustainable change.  The link is to popularize the use of handmade recycled paper along with making students entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The school has a handmade paper recycling unit but Vatavaran would help in upgrading it, capacity building and greater involvement of the students, allowing them to innovate both at the paper making and product making level thus boosting their creativity.

People’s Theatre Group     

Promotes performing arts and education through art ( beyond man-made boundaries with songs, stories and plays for social causes.  The program carved out for this link is to make Durga Puja (the most celebrated yet polluting festival) a green one across the globe and also incorporate environs awareness through the art and various digital media platforms.


Kailash Foundation

Working on education ( will be responsible with the aegis of Vatavaran, to give fellowships for vocational education to the children of waste collectors. Along with this, they have also vowed to provide these children with placements with employers who agree to pay salaries in compliance with State regulations.



Being a rhizome, the links are forever.

May this goodwill spread beyond formal organisations into individual endeavours.

The accountability of these organisations lays in the fact that they too occupy a space in the environment and its resources and express responsibility towards it, so in their recognition of these responsibilities they also accept self-accountability.

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Earth Day

25th March is Earth Hour, between 8.30Pm to 9.30 pm. We all must switch off the lights and please inform others also. Save energy and our environment.

IMG-20170324-WA0004Let’s all be Buddies to our Earth!

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Take ye Heed

🔴Very important message🔴

Please read this and take note. Let this not happen to you.. This could be a common mistake in any household.

This shocking accident
happend. A housewife died due to burns sustained in the kitchen. Her husband too was hospitalized for injuries due to burns while trying to rescue his wife.

How it happened:

The gas was on and cooking in progress.
The lady observed one cockroach near the sink and grabbed Spray bottle of insect killer and sprayed it near the gas, which was on.
There was an explosion and in no time the poor woman was covered in flames, sustaining 65% burns.
Her husband rushed in, tried to put out the flames and his clothes too caught fire.
The husband is still in hospital, in the burns ward,
still unaware that his wife was declared dead on arrival.

Let us understand: – All insect killer sprays such as “Hit”, “Mortein” etc. have highly volatile and inflammable solvents.
The atomized nano spray particles spread very rapidly and one spark is enough to ignite this explosive mixture with oxygen present in air.

Please educate your family & Friends about this and spread the word around….


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Vatavaran’s most recent campaign is the ‘Jio Aur Jine Do’ campaign, which envisions a society of peace and compassion towards all of nature. We attempted to ingrain this concept into people through the visual media- ‘nukkad natak’. Street plays are probably the most powerfully effective way to connect to the people at a grassroots level in a de-centralised manner.

Connaught Place witnessed the first series of Jio Aur Jine Do. Treading through the blocks of CP, the acting group presented in every nukkad an ideal symbiotic relationship between man and nature. The actors became cows, dogs, parrots and donkeys, the general nature that dwellers of a metropolitan city encounter. We have caged parrots and parakeets (‘mitthu beta’) in our homes, holy cows and not-so-holy dogs on the streets . Though we encounter all these kinds of fauna on an almost daily basis, are we enlightened with their situations? It is for these reasons that Director Niloy Roy attempted to bring mankind a step closer to our earthly companions. They have an equal right and access to all the resources that the earth has, which they need. It has been man’s innate desire to conquer and consolidate every resource under his authority. The population has grown to such an extent where it is difficult to calculate the accurate number of people hogging over resources. We buy and discard, eat and discard, creating waste till it becomes impossible to manage it and we have to outsource our garbage into outer space. There are many such issues which this 20-minute play brings to our consciousness.

We at Vatavaran thank the People’s Theater Group for collaborating with us in bringing awareness to the people. At the end of the natak many people approached us with varying queries and provided their details offering to help in our campaigns. Many joined us as volunteers. We would like to thank these people who came forward, joined our family and converted the impact into an action. This play will be presented in different locations and institutions around Delhi- NCR. So, if you wish to join us in this campaign or witness any of these plays, please contact director Niloy Roy (9873878238) for further details.

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Jio Aur Jine Do

Vatavaran is organising a street play series- ‘Jio aur Jine Do’ (Live and Let Live). It brings to light the importance of co-existence. Through this event, Director and playwright Niloy Roy aspires to bring man closer to the feelings of nature and the problems that flora and fauna grapple with. It is necessary that we transcend from ‘man versus nature’ to ‘man versus his overbearing desire to conquer and rule’. The team of 12 actors don the cloak of animals and present for us a rendezvous with nature.
We hope to see you on 26th December, at 11:30 a.m., in Central Park, Connaught Place.

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Jio Aur Jine Do

Vatavaran is organising a street play series- ‘Jio air Jine Do’ (Live and Let Live). It brings to light the importance of co-existence. Through this event, Director and playwright Niloy Roy aspires to bring man closer to the feelings of nature and the problems that flora and fauna grapple with. It is necessary that we transcend from ‘man versus nature’ to ‘man versus his overbearing desire to conquer and rule’. The team of 12 actors don the cloak of animals and present for us a rendezvous with nature.
We hope to see you on 23rd December, at 11:30 a.m., in Central Park, Connaught Place.

Vatavaran logo

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plasticoceanA Plastic Ocean

Plastic Pollution Coalition is excited to be working on the worldwide release of A Plastic Ocean, an award-winning documentary film, which brings to light the consequences of our disposable lifestyle. Following an international team of adventurers, researchers, and ocean ambassadors across the globe, the film uncovers the shocking truth about what is truly lurking beneath the surface of our seemingly pristine oceans.

Watch The Film Trailer:


How to Host A Screening

On January 19, 2017, movie theaters and non-theatrical venues will be showing the film as part of A Plastic Ocean Day, creating worldwide momentum to coincide with the film’s publicity and online release.

PPC members can plan a local screening of A Plastic Ocean to raise support and gain awareness for our collective missions in their communities. We recommend that local screenings of this acclaimed documentary use it as a tool to make an impact for your organization and start a local conversation about waste. Screenings can be fundraisers and planned along with a discussion or Q&A with local experts.

PPC will be hosting the premiere event for the documentary at a movie theater in Los Angeles, California, with a Q&A and panel discussion after the film led by representatives from several L.A.-based coalition member organizations, including 5 Gyres and Algalita. To participate in this screening or find out more about our format, contact our office.

Contact to find out how to host a screening and get details to sign up as an iTunes affiliate!


About the Film & Plastic Oceans Foundation

Made over a four-year period, this is a beautiful and chilling film, which documents the global effects of plastic pollution. The film introduces workable technology and policy solutions that can, if implemented in time, change things for the better.

The Plastic Oceans Foundation (POF) was created to address the global issue of plastic pollution that impacts both our ocean and our health. Through education, science and this award-winning film, POF is actively working to eliminate non-essential plastic to prevent this manmade disaster, before it is too late. You can find out more about the foundation at