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In hell, the once rich young ruler lifted up his eyes. He had a single request, “A drop of water, one single drop of water for my parched throat.” That request could not be granted. To witness such a scene, you won’t have to book a ticket to hell. Look around.

India has been facing a major water crisis in the past two years. The situation is so worse in villages of Maharashtra, that families have been forced to pay Rs. 100 each day for getting two barrels of water. Some have even tried to dig deep borewells, but without any luck, since the level of groundwater has gone very low. The only reason, many have been unaware of this water shortage across the country is because it hasn’t grasped headlines, which in turn is because this water shortage did not seriously affect the food availability.

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Mindlessly digging tubewells and borewells possesses a huge danger. Aquifers found beneath the earth’s surface get eliminated due to extraction of groundwater. The aquifers act as cushions, and prevent seismic activities. When the confined aquifers are completely erased, it is impossible to replenish them, thus classifying an area as ‘seismic activity prone’. Delhi is also included in the list of such areas.

It has been well said ‘Jal hi Jeevan hai’ (water is life). Man can live without food for 1-2 months, but without water only for 3-7 days. Save water, save yourselves.


Mahima Bobin, Vatavaran Intern



Vatavaran is a small organization that has decided that it simply must be hands on about the betterment of the world around us. We’re not sitting here for one issue or the other, but for fighting things that bother us in our everyday lives. Basically - we’re determined to make a difference. At the moment, we're working with Solid Waste Management, Water Conservation, our patented Recycling Scheme (WERMS), and e-waste recycling. Join us - we do hands-on work, we do simple and applicable work. We're not fancy, we're not big, we're not famous. We're just working. If you have an idea that you thing deserves to be applied in our daily lives to make a difference, come work with us. At Vatavaran, you lead your own project. It's autonomous work - your idea, your responsibility. We're just the vessel. Because we're cool like that.

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