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Read their Minds

Recognize dogs that can bite.Take some time to learn some body language and you will understand more of what the dog is thinking.

dog1 This dog is intimidated.

He feels threatened and cornered. Notice his tail.

Don’t approach this dog.

   dog2  This dog is worried.

He feels concerned about what will happen next.

Don’t approach this dog.

dog 3 This dog is aggressive.

He is ready to bite.

Don’t approach this dog.

   dog4    This dog is dominant.

He thinks he is the boss and in charge.

Don’t approach this dog.

 dog5 This dog is afraid. How do you know? Look at his tail.

He will do anything to protect himself.
He will not feel better if you try to pet him.

Don’t approach this dog.


Take a good look at the dogs above and remember that if you get too close, they might bite. Be sure to notice their tailsand the expressions on their faces. In case encountered by aggressive dog, don’t panic, hold your ground, feigning to throw  an object can serve you well.


Want to learn more? Join our Canine Companion Campaign!


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