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Kicked around, mocked by strangers, pitied by few, they loiter in the streets with no one to call their own. Who speaks for this kind? We at Vatavaran are determined to make a difference.

I was not very compassionate about stray dogs until I joined college. In my college there are many stray dogs. And my friends are great dog-lovers. They are even ready to miss classes just to spend more time with the newly-laid litter. Yes, that’s how crazy they are. With such an atmosphere, my college became the place where I started my humble beginnings of being a dog lover.

I witnessed situations in which humans could very peacefully co-exist with dogs, even if those dogs are not a special breed or are un-trained. During our assemblies in college, dogs would walk in to the auditorium and quietly sit down, as if listening to our principal talk. While lectures were going on, they would peek into the class, proudly walk in and grab the front spot. Surprisingly, they even had a sense of time. So, they got up and left 2 or 3 minutes before the lecture got over, never giving our professor a chance to take extra time.


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But people come in all shapes and sizes, and attitudes. Even though there was such a great exposure in our campus, there were still people who didn’t like dogs. Once, during a class test, a dog (named ‘Chandini’ by someone) strayed into our class and a student started freaking out. So, another student got up and petted the dog out of the class. What left me in admiration was the fact that there was no pressure involved. There are people who love dogs and there are those who do not. If you forcibly push the person towards the dog or vice-versa, the situation would not be helped. It is better to let people adjust themselves, because self-inspiration and self-implication are the best kind.

Therefore, we at Vatavaran help in conditioning your relationship with the environment in the absence of impositions. It’s you who can make the difference, not someone else through you. If you want to join us in this Canine Companion Campaign, join us on Facebook. Let us give them a voice.


Mahima Bobin

(Vatavaran intern)



Vatavaran is a small organization that has decided that it simply must be hands on about the betterment of the world around us. We’re not sitting here for one issue or the other, but for fighting things that bother us in our everyday lives. Basically - we’re determined to make a difference. At the moment, we're working with Solid Waste Management, Water Conservation, our patented Recycling Scheme (WERMS), and e-waste recycling. Join us - we do hands-on work, we do simple and applicable work. We're not fancy, we're not big, we're not famous. We're just working. If you have an idea that you thing deserves to be applied in our daily lives to make a difference, come work with us. At Vatavaran, you lead your own project. It's autonomous work - your idea, your responsibility. We're just the vessel. Because we're cool like that.

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